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It is a follow-up to Ultra Qthough not technically a sequel or spin-off. Its premiere topped the average rating set by Ultra Q and kept climbing each week, marking the show as a success. Although Ultraman is the first series to feature an Ultraman character, it is the second installment in the Ultra Seriesafter Ultra Q.

This is signified in the Japanese show opening by the Ultra Q logo exploding into the Ultraman logo. Ultraman and its titular hero became a major pop culture phenomena in Japan, spawning dozens of sequels, spin-offs, rip-offs, imitators, parodies and tributes.

When the Earth is threatened by alien invaders and giant monsters, the world relies on the Science Patrol, a special anti-monster defense agency armed with high-tech weaponry and vehicles to combat these threats from the unknown. When the Science Patrol's weaponry is ineffective and all hope is lost, one of their members, Hayata, transforms into a giant alien called Ultraman to defeat the monstrous menace threatening the Earth, unbeknownst to the other Science Patrol members, who are unaware of his secret identity.

TBS hoped to create a continuing series with Tsuburaya Productions. Tsuburaya and Kinjo decided to add unused ideas from Ultra Q and the rejected outline Woo. Tsuburaya had spent significant amounts of studio money to build his miniatures for the Godzilla films. The studio was desirous to monetize these miniatures, and was looking for a project that could repurpose the sets and costumes from the Godzilla franchise. Bemler's human host would have been a year-old man named "Officer Sakomizu", described as a "tough guy" in early drafts.

Captain Muramatsu would have been the only SIA member to know his secret identity. Pre-production and story layout for the show began in December as Bemler: Scientific Investigation Agency. Masahiro Yamada completed a sample teleplay titled The Birth of Bemler that featured an unused scenario originally written for Ultra Q.

TBS producer Takashi Kakoi demanded to have Bemler be easily differentiated from other similarly designed monsters to avoid confusion. Tsuburaya and Kinjo then decided to make Bemler more humanoid in design. Kakoi later requested that Bemler have a more metallic-based image. In Januarythe production's title was changed to Redmandue to the protagonist's color scheme.

The following month, the show was unanimously approved for production. In this version, Redman arrives as a refugee on Earth after invaders destroyed his home planet. Redman fuses with officer Sakomizu and together, they protect the Earth from giant monsters and alien invaders. It was later decided to add a female character to the SIA roster. Many of the cast members came from Toho. On March 22,the copyright offices approved registration of the show, now titled Ultraman. The first iteration of the Ultraman character was originally named "Bemler".Ultraman is the name of several fictional characterswho are supervillains appearing in stories published by DC Comics.

ultraman wiki

The characters are all evil or corrupted alternate-universe counterparts of Superman. Ultraman first appeared in Justice League of America 29 August Ultraman first appeared as the evil counterpart of Superman on the original Earth-Three.

The first of these was Earth-Three, in which there were villainous counterparts of DC's heroes as well as heroic counterparts of DC's villains. The first Ultraman was killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths and Earth-Three was destroyed by an anti-matter storm and then wiped from continuity at the end of the series. This original Earth-Three Ultraman has reappeared briefly both in the s Animal Man series and the later Infinite Crisis mini-series.

Since Crisis on Infinite EarthsDC has returned to the concept of Ultraman, creating two different characters with that name, often appearing only for a single issue in a story arc.

There have been several appearances by both characters. This version has appeared several times and was slain at the conclusion of the Final Crisis series. Another version, closer to the Silver Age original Ultraman, appeared on the New 52 universe's Earth Based on comments by Grant Morrison, this Earth-3 universe is not the pre-Crisis Earth-Three, making this a new character unrelated to previous versions.

Unlike Superman, the Earth-Three Ultraman gets stronger every time he is exposed to kryptoniteoriginally developing a completely new superpower with each new exposure.

In one such encounter, Ultraman acquired the ability to see through dimensional barriers, thus alerting the Crime Syndicate to the existence of alternate Earths in their first appearance. Ultraman also differed from Superman in that his version of the planet Krypton had not exploded. Where the Earth-Three dimension kryptonite originated was never specifically listed in any published book. However, it is implied to be the same as ordinary kryptonite, as Ultraman got powers when exposed to Kryptonite from pre-Crisis Earth-One and Earth-Two, gaining heat vision from Barry Allen throwing some at him.

Being exposed to a large chunk of it paralyzed him, as he acquired so many new superpowers that his body couldn't decide which one to use and he was therefore frozen in place. He does not appear to have been affected after this, so perhaps he can reject powers, or they wear off. Degaton used them in his attempt to conquer Earth-Two, by stealing nuclear missiles from the Cuban Missile Crisis of Earth Primethough they planned to betray him.

However, this proved unsuccessful as well, and he hurled them into the Future of Earth-1, having made sure this would happen if they touched him, and the events were wiped from the timeline afterwards.

The original Ultraman was eliminated in the issue limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths. Distraught at the fact that his superpowers were useless at the one time he actually needed them, he flew straight into the anti-matter cloud that was destroying Earth-Three, grimly informing Power Ring"I do what I have done all my life. I fight There he learned that he was seemingly a comic book character himself, who existed only for the entertainment of others.

This Ultraman later faded into the mask of the Psycho-Piratewho, for a time, was the only one who remembered the Pre-Crisis multiverse. He has been using the help of a group of followers called the "Praisesingers" and the guidance of the "Holy Mother". Supergirl and Power Girl fight his efforts, causing his cult-like following to falter. This leader also slays several of his own people to keep political information quiet. This version appears to be a much weaker version, as he receives a vicious beating from Supergirl not once, but twice.

During the Convergence storyline, Ultraman was with the Crime Syndicate when they planned to free Superwoman from death row. After they failed and the domes fell around the various cities, Ultraman engaged the Superman of the Justice Legion.

In this current continuity, the CSA comes from the Antimatter Universe, each member being the antimatter counterpart to a core League member.

Unlike the original pre- Crisis Earth-Three Kryptonian Ultraman, the antimatter Ultraman was fully rewritten for modern continuity as Lieutenant Clark Kenta human astronaut from the antimatter Earth and no longer an Kryptonian matching Superman exactly. After his ship imploded into hyperspace, an unknown alien race reconstructed Kent in an attempt to repair the damaged astronaut, which ended up altering the human both mentally and physically, giving him ultrapowers similar to Superman's superpowers.

According to Alexander Luthor, the process also twisted Ultraman's mind. In contrast to Superman, Ultraman's power relies on his proximity and exposure to a substance called Anti-Kryptonite; the longer and farther he is separated from it, the weaker he becomes.

This substance has repeatedly been shown to have no apparent effect on Superman, just as Kryptonite has been shown to have no effect on Ultraman.Published in Monthly Hero's since the magazine's inaugural issue, [3] it is a manga sequel of the Ultraman television series, [4] [5] The series has been collected in 14 volumes as of November The series has been renewed for a second season.

Shin Hayata's son Shinjiro seems to possess a strange ability, and it is this ability, along with his father's revelation that he was Ultraman, that leads Shinjiro to battle the new aliens invading the Earth as the new Ultraman. The series began serialisation in Monthly Hero's magazine on November 1,which is coincidentally the date of said magazine's first release. The three were even interviewed, as well as reviewing chapter 4 of the manga themselves.

A portal site for the Ultraman manga was announced and launched on October 16, Winning entries got their characters to appear in volume 7 of Ultraman. These aliens made their appearances in Volume 7 as members of the mercenary group the Ace Killer Squad. Soon, more casts were added as well while the Motion Comic in progress. The single contains three songs by Maaya Uchidaall of them were sung by her character, Rena Sayama, in the Motion Comic, with the lyrics provided by Eiichi Shimizu.

An anime adaptation of the manga was announced in November[22] which was later revealed to be a 3DCG anime co-produced by Production I. G and Sola Digital Arts. The anime will be co-directed by Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki.

The series was released on Netflix on April 1, During the Annecy International Animated Film FestivalNetflix announced that a second season is in production. The staff are returning to reprise their roles. Note: These titles are translated from the Japanese titles. In other regions, they are simply labelled Episodes 1 to On January 10,an Ultraman mobile game based on the manga has been announced for released on iOS and Android devices.

In June 29 to July 5,Japanese site Oricon revealed that the Chapter 6 of Ultraman was placed at 33rd in a ranking with a total of estimated 26, sold copies. The manga sold over 2. Rebecca Silverman of the Anime News Network reviews volume 1 of the manga and praises Shinjiro for his plot involvements in the storyline, although highlighting that "the timeskip is a bit abrupt, as is Bemular's introduction".

In Octoberan articulated action figure of Shinjiro Hayata in his Ultraman Suit, which was made by a collaboration between Ultra Act Tsuburaya's own figure line and S. The figure is sold under the price of 6, Yen and pre-orders were made from October 23,while shipping started in May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ultraman Cover of volume 1. Kenji Kamiyama Shinji Aramaki.

Production I. G Sola Digital Arts. Main article: List of Ultraman manga characters. Viz Media. Retrieved January 20, Anime News Network. Retrieved June 23, Retrieved Jack bonded with the race car driver Hideki Go to save his life and as the former's means to operate on Earth while they joined MAC to fight against monster attacks and alien invasions.

The Return of Ultraman marks the connection of Ultraman and Ultra Seven as Ultra Series installments, which eventually lead to multiple sequels and spin-offs for Tsuburaya Productions with various heroes named after it. Additionally, The Return of Ultraman also served as a milestone celebration for the fifth anniversary of Ultraman and the newly established Ultra Series.

Even with his series ended, Jack would make returning appearances in recent media of the Ultra Series. Kikuchi also made his cameo appearances as steerman Kawasaki 13 and a MAT communication officer In contrast to Shin Hayata and Dan MoroboshiJack's host, Hideki Go, is portrayed as a man who has a private life outside of his duty as a MAT officer, including his aspiration as a race car driver, living with the Sakata siblings and having a neighbor named Rumiko Murano.

The injuries and struggles from fighting monsters were also passed onto the human identity. At the time for the photo session for the first suit, the eye positions have changed, as they were slightly dragged upwards from the original and the back of the eyes were molded through transparent epoxy resin. At the beginning of the season, viewer ratings gradually decreased and various empowerment techniques were devised. The Ultra Bracelet, Jack's main weapon, was one of them.

The show's title, The Return of Ultramanwas meant to emphasize the return of the original Ultraman but, due to the sponsor's wishes that it should be a different being as a result of commercialization development, this character in the end became a different being.

The show's title was conceived by the late Eiji Tsuburaya. The Ultraman would later be called by three different names in succeeding media up to Leo :. Starting from before the release of Ultraman Zoffy: Ultra Warriors vs. The movie Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers referenced this as an in-joke by a dimensional-displaced Mirai Hibino when he identified an alternate-dimension Hideki Go by the names Jack, New Man and Returned Man, all of which the latter reacted to in confusion.

Ultraman Jack was also the working title for Ultraman Taro and the eponymous character, until this was scrapped due to aircraft hijacking incidents at that time. When aspiring race car driver Hideki Go was mortally wounded from saving a little boy and his dog, Jack was touched by his heroic deed and merged with the man to save his life, at the same time operating on Earth to face against recurring cases of monsters awakening from their slumber, as well as alien invaders.

After being defeated by a space monster named Bemstar, Jack was given the Ultra Bracelet by Ultraseven to further aid him in his battle. However, in several occasions, the alien invaders came to know the connection between Jack and his host and occasionally resulting in a physical attack on their loved ones. As Jack was brought to Planet Nackle, the original Ultraman and Seven rescued him as the former destroyed the invading Nackle space fleet.

On Earth, Go managed to escaped his brainwashed teammates and fought against the very leader of Alien Nackle and Black King; this time he managed to turn the tides of the battle.

In the final episode, Alien Bat, an originally benevolent race who betrayed the people of Land of Light, sent down a revived Zetton II on Earth, while his brethren tried to invade Jack's home world and held Jiro and Rumiko hostage. The original Ultraman tried to warn Jack not to transform, due to the former having been defeated by the same monster, with this one being an enhanced version of it. However, Go transformed anyway and this time the Ultra received help from his fellow MAT members, despite their means of fighting being reduced to handheld weapons.

Jack first killed Alien Bat before using his newly-created attack, the Ultra Hurricane, by throwing Zetton II up in the air and finishing it in mid-air with his Specium Ray. In the aftermath of the battle, Jack would leave Earth to join his kind in defending the Land of Light, while retaining his bond with Hideki Go.

Ultraman Jack's statistics below were never mentioned in the original series, but were brought up in magazines and official websites: [1]. As the official website of Tsuburaya Productions stated: "In the event of monsters awakening from their slumber and alien invasions, he [Ultraman Jack] came from the Nebula M78, Land of Light.

He utilizes the Ultra Bracelet that was bestowed by Ultraseven. He is also a member of the Ultra Brothers. In contrast to most Ultras, Hideki's transformation is based on his own willpower. When doing so, both of his hands raised upwards and Ultraman Jack appeared as his rise scene was followed with reaching his fist towards the screen. In real time, a burst of light that resembled a cross-shaped construct appeared first before Jack appeared out of thin air.Ultraman was born into the partially "reversed" universe of Earth-Three.

Similar to the story of Supermanwas sent from the planet Krypton to the planet Earth on Earth-Three where he first encountered Kryptonite in outer space which began to change him into a superpower house of vast powers and abilities.

Ultraman Zero

Diferently of other universes, this Krypton didn't explode, thus the motive to Ultraman have been rocketed is unknown. Upon reaching adulthood, he renamed himself Ultraman and began a life of conquest and destruction.

[MAD] Shine your ORB (Ultraman Orb)

It would be during his conquering that he encountered four other superpowered beings who would all loosely gather together in various schemes to dominate their world and become the Crime Syndicate of America.

It would be after largely conquering most of their world that Ultraman developed a new type of supervision that allowed him to see into Earth-One dimension.

ultraman wiki

Not able to withstand the combined mights of two Earths greatest superbeings, the Crime Syndicate was defeated and imprisoned in an extradimensional bubble created by the Earth-One Green Lantern. Over a period of time, the Crime Syndicate members escaped. It would be on one of these periods between ruling and imprisonment that Ultraman was recruited by the extra-dimensional Alexei Luthor of Earth-Two and Lex Luthor of Earth-One who sought to destroy their native Earths and rule Earth-Three as their new base of operations in their attempt to completely defeat their respective Supermen.

Tricking Ultraman into thinking himself unable to directly fight the infinitely powered Ultraman, Luthor was able to get close enough to Ultraman to dephase Ultraman into an intangible state and allow the Supermen of Earth-One and Earth-Two to recover from Ultraman's Kryptonite powered attack.

After being defeated by Luthor, Ultraman was once again imprisoned. But Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate were able to routinely escape as shown when the Ultra-Humanite and his new time-traveling band of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Crisis on Infinite Earths. This basic stalemate of almost endless escape and imprisonment would continue until the antimatter wave attack of the Anti-Monitor came to Earth-Three during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Unable to stop the antimatter wave that was destroying Earth-Three, Ultraman and the other members of the Crime Syndicate teamed up with Luthor, Sr. Seeing that his infinite powers were unable to stop the wave, Ultraman decided to attack the wave head on after stating to the helpless Power Ring that 'I do what I always do I'll fight to the end.

He along with everyone else native to their dimension died in the attack and were completely erased from all history with the reset of the single surviving universe, except for the Superman of Earth-Two and Alexander Luthor, Jr. This template will categorize articles that include it into the " CSA members " category. This character is or was primarily an enemy of Superman in any of his various incarnations, or members of the Superman Family. This template will categorize articles that include it into the " Superman Villains category.

ultraman wiki

This character is or was primarily an enemy of the Justice Leaguein any of its various incarnations. This template will categorize articles that include it into the category " Justice League Villains. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Categories :. Crisis on Earth-Three! Superman Villain s This character is or was primarily an enemy of Superman in any of his various incarnations, or members of the Superman Family.

Justice League Villain This character is or was primarily an enemy of the Justice Leaguein any of its various incarnations.Ultraman was the world's third top-selling licensed character in the s, largely due to his popularity in Asia. As revealed in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxythe Ultramen are a technologically advanced civilization who were originally identical to humans.

They had evolved into their current state of being following the activation of the Plasma Spark, which replaced their dead sun. Ultraman and his many kin are usually red-and-silver although several color variations have been seen in recent years and have glowing yellow almond-shaped dome eyes although there are exceptions to both the shape and color and various abilities, most notably firing energy beams from their crossed hands and flight.

ultraman wiki

The Ultramen that are sent to other worlds are given Color Timers, or "warning lights", which blink with increasing frequency and turn from blue to red if an Ultraman's energy supply dwindles or he is mortally wounded. Due to human pollution and the light filtering effects of the atmosphere, an Ultraman can remain active on Earth for a limited span of minutes before their energy is depleted and they die.

This forces an Ultraman to either assume a human form or merge with a human host body. The latter process has healing properties that include reviving a recently dead person with their own lifeforce. Ultra beings also appear to be near-impossible to permanently kill, as several times an Ultra being has been killed only to be revived by another member of their species.

An Ultra being can be revived with a massive energy infusion, as when Mebius' allies revived him with their energy after his defeat by Empire. Ultramen always try to avoid battles in inhabited areas or near innocent bystanders, and try to minimize collateral property damage. If these concerns cannot be met, a city like Tokyo could be destroyed. The show Ultraman was followed by many other series.

In the course of the Max series, another new hero known as Ultraman Xenon was also introduced. April saw the 40th anniversary series, Ultraman Mebiuswhich signalled a long-awaited return to the original universe.

The straight-to-video market also saw the release of Ultraman Neos inas well as special features for Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia, who have teamed up in theatrical features Tiga and Dyna once, as well as the three of them all together.

The dub considerably distorted the characterization and general mood of the series, and it achieved only limited success. This direct-to-video feature is co-copyrighted by both Toei and its subordinates, Toei Video and Ishinomori Productions and Tsuburaya Productions. As of [update]Tsuburaya Productions accepts 36 Ultramen as official counting Ultraman Legend, the combined form of Ultramen Cosmos and Justice, as a separate entity.

This figure does not account for Thai-produced Ultramen the figure is 38 if Next, Noa, and Nexus are counted as separate entities—it has been revealed in Nexus that all three are a single being with various modes used by different hosts. Inthe Ultra Series was cited in the Guinness Book of World Records as the record-holder for the most number of spinoff shows. InUltraman Ginga S: Showdown!

Ultra 10 Warriors!! Our Ultraman were released on January 8, in the United States as a double feature; this was the first North American theatrical release of an Ultraman feature film in its entire year history. The Ultraman mangawhich began inhas sold more than 2.Did you create your own Ultraman? Or an Ultra Kaiju? Have your own fan fiction of the Ultra Universe? This place is the right one to post and unleash your wildest imaginations of Ultraman, the hero we all know and love.

You can write your own history, data on your fanmade Ultra, anything you really want! It doesn't have to be your own Ultra though, what if you created your own story with pre-existing Ultramen such as Ultraman Tiga or Ultraseven?

You can even create your own giant hero! Now, without further ado, have fun on the Ultra-Fan Wiki! Please read and understand the wiki's Rules and Guidelinesas well as our Policies. Specifically for newcomers: Check Here. For easy access to the various fan creations on this site visit the Fan Ultras page. Also for anyone looking to draw their own Ultra Art, we have images you can use as references: Here.

ULTRAMAN (2019 anime)

Some of us are usually on the Live! Chat from around 2. Some of us are also around at other times, do try to find us! If you have ideas for our current collaborative project, submit your ideas for your Ultra and everyone else's Ultras here.

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