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Batman adopts nico di angelo fanfic

By | 10.10.2020

Nico sighed and went to sit inside of an empty carrier and sat down. He fingered his ring as it shifted on his finger. Someone slid open the door. They sat in Silence until the door slide back open. As another person came in after the red head he had short black hair as well like the red haired girl he also seemed to have the same colors and crest on his robes. Nico started to fidget slightly but he still responded to Ginny questions.

Before they could question him any father the came to a stop and Nico was the first one out of the carrier. Nico wondered where was he supposed to go so he supposed he should asked the Giant.

Nico swiftly made his way to the carriage and got inside. Then he noticed that the carriage was being pulled by a horse that had boys on the outside and white mane. Once everyone was off the boat they headed inside of the castle. He felt that the hat was probing through his memories so he decide to mess with it and started to flash memories into the hat of the war.

The hat started to scream in terror once Nico grew bored as he stopped at the Hat opened his mouth and screamed….

This is my world were you can see my marvelous fanfiction and Writting Creativity. I follow tag kiddilunafanfiction and kiddiluna. Curiously he reached out and pet the horse. Thestral nodded his head.What if Dick wasn't the only one adopted by Bruce Wayne? What if his new best friend was adopted as well?

What if she wasn't completely human? And what if she was the daughter of Poseidon, or as she is commonly known as, Persephone 'Percy' Jackson? You wouldn't want to get in trouble your first day here with us!

The figure on the floor was finally able to stand on wobbly feet and Richard - the boy - got his first look at his roommate. His roommate had three distinct features that stuck out to him. Their black hair, seagreen eyes, and the fact that his roommate, was a girl. The girl sat across from Richard on the other bed, putting a large duffel bag that Richard hadn't noticed she had next to her. And my parents died when I was six, the circus that we were with couldn't take me, so social services stuck me here.

I've been here for two and a half years… You? So, every other month or so for the past three years I've ran away from whatever motel Gabe stashed us in, whenever it gets too much and I usually last on the streets for a couple weeks before I'm found and taken back….

This is the first time they've brought me to a place like this though…". The two were some of the smallest in the orphanage and were targeted by the older children and by the more vicious staff members. With your expertise of the streets, my acrobatics, and with both of our smarts, we should be able to survive out there.

Then we'll need some money for when those run out. Some extra blankets, a couple backpacks, two changes of clothes for the both of us, and flashlights with extra batteries, as well as a small knife for both of us, so we can defend ourselves if we need to.

"The Solace of Angels Full Audiobook" – A Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Reading

After that, I'm not waiting any longer to leave this place. Percy snorted. You've been saying that since we left that place three hours ago.Arriving at Camp Halfblood, Nico realised that it was just about breakfast time, whereas his body clock was telling him he should start thinking about lunch. Mrs O'Leary had gone to sleep on his bed and he was tempted to do the same.

Annabeth was jabbering on about the construction work for Olympus when a phrase caught his attention. He's still alive you know Bit too old to fight monsters at six hundred and sixty seven but Nico's mind was reeling. He remembered his father saying that it was a son of Athena who had invented what he sought. He hadn't realised that the man was still living This quest would kill two birds with one stone for Hades.

He would have an immortality bringing-object destroyed and receive the soul of the mortal that had made it. He interrogated Annabeth for everything she knew about this Philosopher's Stone. It definetly fit the description, and the fact it could turn metal to gold was another insult it's creator would have to answer for. I cannot say for the following challenges.

Noticing that his father looked quite unimpressed, Nico hastened to recount about the strange feelings he got around the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

However I can think of only one who would be at that school. If that fiend Riddle is in the castle, then it is paramount that you reach the stone before him. You must only confront that man once you have completed your quest, do you hear me! And with that, he departed.

Nico stood, shocked. Riddle was in the school and he wanted the Stone. He needed to speak with the Hephaestus cabin and find a kid from Hecate.

batman adopts nico di angelo fanfic

Talking to the children of the forge, fire and blacksmith god proved useless, as they seemed to think that they were cursed since Beckendorf's death. Trying not to lose heart, Nico quickly moved onto the Hecate cabin. He was met by a young girl he'd seen around but never spoken to.

This is dark magic You won't be able to kill it exactly because it can't be slain, only sent back to where it came from. Like a magical chant would be. Nico took this as an affirmative.

He relaxed; he could send the pieces of souls directly to Hades easily enough. He needed the help, but if he couldn't deliver That man killed my father.

Percy Jackson (CCS)

I want revenge. I want Nico found this quite reasonable. Most people would want more, and from what he understood there were plenty of pieces to go around. He agreed and the girl held out a small black marble. Well, this sort of does that, only it's more powerful.

It's made from the dust of the three Realms.Hemetheaalso known as Molpadia or Emmieis a former princess of Naxos, a legacy of Zeus and Dionysusand a retired Hunter of Artemisalong with her wife, Josephine.

Both of them, together with their adopted daughter Georgie, are the current caretakers of the Waystationa safe haven for refugee demigodssatyrsand all sorts of immortals. Emmie is known to have a history with Apolloas it was he who turned her and one of her sisters immortal.

Hemethea was born in the ancient times, as a princess of Naxos the largest of the Cyclades island group under the name Molpadia, along with her two sisters - Parthenos and Rhoeo. Rhoeo was one of Apollo's lovers.

batman adopts nico di angelo fanfic

Their father, king Staphylus was a demigod son of Dionysus, who had apparently inherited all of his divine parent's worst traits: he frequently abused his power over his family, throwing outbursts of rage over the smallest of details. One day, Hemethea and Parthenos broke one of Staphylus's finest wine amphorae and the drunken king ordered them to be executed. Terrified, the sisters ran towards the cliff, and threw themselves into the sea, begging Artemis for mercy and rescue.

Instead, it was Apollo who saved them as he misheard the sisters asking for his help and sacrificed a portion of his own divine essence to turn Hemethea and Parthenos into minor goddesses.

Sometime later both sisters followed their dream and joined the Hunters of Artemis. During her service there, Hemethea eventually met and fell in love with her fellow Huntress, Josephine.

Both decided to part their ways with Artemis on good terms inand live their regained mortal life together. When Agamethus brought Georgina to them, they adopted the little girl. Emmie first appears as she rescues Apollo, Leo Valdezand injured Calypso from a trap set by the Blemmyae.

She shoots Nanette between the eyes, and decimates the rest of the headless monsters with swiveling crossbow turrets. She then offers to treat all of their injuries at the Waystation. Emmie and Jo provide lots of physical and emotional support to the trio. One day, they accidentally reveal to Apollo that Commodus has kidnapped their daughter Georgina. Apollo, Leo and Meg McCaffrey manage to rescue Georgina from Commodus' prison, along with other captives, who eventually start living at the Waystation.

batman adopts nico di angelo fanfic

When Apollo returns to the Waystation after visiting the Oracle of Trophoniushe notices that Commodus is holding Emmie and Georgina hostage. He gets a temporary burst of divine power, in which he reveals his true godly form to Commodus and his Germani servants.

As a result, they go blind and experience great pain. Taking advantage of this, Emmie and Georgina escape. After the battle she and the others have a funeral for Heloise on the roof of the waystation. After the service Apollo pulls her aside and say Emmie chose to give up her immortality for a good cause, pleasing her.

Emmie is a caring woman who treats her family and those who stay with them with respect. She views all the residents of the Waystation as part of her extended family. She is accepting of newcomers whom she genuinely likes. She even accepted hardened criminal Lityerses into the Waystation, which was so unexpected that he broke down in tears of joy.

She is a loving parent and spouse who deeply cares for her daughter Georgina and her significant other Jo. She has a strong sense of self-confidence and pride.

Emmie is a woman in her sixties with long gray hair kept in a braid. She is physically very fit for her apparent age.I dragged him to the infirmary and he frowned. I threw my hands up in surrender and he marched behind me.

I turned around and saw him fall. I tried to intercept him, but my hand passed through his arm. I pulled back and he fell. I checked his arm and this time, I felt cool skin under mine. I thought about it but started wondering if it was a hallucination. I led him to a cot in the infirmary and told him to lie down and wait.

I was worried as I helped him into bed, my hand passed through again and for a moment Nico di Angelo was a mere shadow. He started turning into a gray phantoms and I panicked. We sang a hymn and brought him back. For now. I realized that I knew almost nothing Nico and if his treatment was going to work, I needed to know more. The next day, I found the Seven, of course I was nervous. They were a legend. I approached them and asked them about Nico's past. They shifted and gave each other wary glances and I realized most of them knew less than I did.

Finally, Percy spoke. He told me about the beginning of Nico's life. Percy rescued him from the manticore and his sister. His sister Bianca didn't want to look after him anymore and she joined the hunters after they reached camp.

She, Percy and some of his friends went on a quest and his sister died. WHen he told Nico, the ground split and it saved Percy's life. The year after, he ran away and followed a ghost king and in the end saved Percy and proclaimed himself the ghost king. Jason continued from there. He felt hated by the camp and ran away again.Saying that Nico was angry after being awakened so early by Percy would be an understatement.

He was furious. He had only slept for four hours last night and now, at five o'clock in the morning, Percy's loud voice has made Nico wake up with a start, his hand automatically reaching for his sword. Can't I sleep peacefully for once? Nico thought, sitting bolt upright and trying to wake up fully.

Percy continued shouting and knocking on the door and Nico groaned. The seventeen-year-old Percy Jackson was sometimes too childish for his own good.

Thanks to his reflexes, he dodged it and although Percy quickly said 'Sorry!

batman adopts nico di angelo fanfic

He shut the door and quickly changed from his pitch-black pyjamas into an equally black t-shirt and jeans. Making sure he had his skull ring on, he took his sword, put it in his sword belt and went outside. Percy guessed they were discussing something important due to the serious looks on their faces.

Mr D was sitting in a chair not far away, looking extremely bored. Even more than usual. Great, Nico though, another quest. Since the defeat of Kronos a year ago Nico has only been given easy boring quests and was quite tired of them. He really wanted a challenge for himself, at least once in a while. He seemed to consider his next words. These people received their powers from Hecate, but her children are still much stronger,' Chiron explained.

Better known as Lord Voldemort. He has achieved immortality by creating Horcruxes. Seven to be precise. Nico frowned at this. His father once told him what a Horcrux was and how dangerous it is to create more than one. He was quite sure Hades mentioned this Voldemort guy before and how irresponsible he was with his own soul. It was blurry and I could only make out some parts of it. He was holding a glowing sphere in his hand and behind him was a huge group of monsters,' she paused.

At this phrase Nico started paying very close attention. And even Olympus,' he added thoughtfully. I mean, how do you even know it's real, Chiron?They were watching Nico di Angelo sitting on the couch in the lobby of Olympus. It had been a few weeks since they had defeated Gaea, and while everyone was still celebrating, Nico sat on the couch in the darkest corner, staring off into space. Everyone else from the Seven, along with some friends was meeting in here tonight to catch up and say goodbye to their parents for a while.

They were just waiting to be called into the throne room. Percy smiled. Thalia Grace had come up to the couple during their conversation.


They watched Nico brooding for a moment longer. Annabeth snorted. Does he need a reason? There was silence in the little group. Percy sighed. Throughout the meeting, Percy kept one eye on Nico. Thankfully nothing happened to set him off. Then, just as they were about to leave, Hades spoke up.

Everyone paused and turned back. Percy prayed fervently that whatever this was, it wouldn't involve. Oh joy, thought Percy, tensing. Annabeth took his hand. Annabeth and Percy exchanged a look. This wasn't going well. Find a place and stay.

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